Wedding Coaching

A new concept of individual support.


This new support is already very popular in England and in the USA.

It’s not just focusing on the materials aspects that a wedding requires but to propose a more canters approach to the human.

Help the newlyweds to reduce all their anxiety and stress during the wedding day.

Coaching can also be done remotely through virtual appointments.

A sincere listening, a personalized accompaniment and serenity on the wedding day are the bases of this accompaniment.


Coaching can be done according to their wishes: videoconference, telephone or face to face over a coffee. Customers tell us about their ideas, their vision of their marriage, their desires, their questions and their anxieties.

The advantage of this personalized coaching is that, all subjects are open: whether on family problems, questions of budget, timing, places and many more, I am listening to them to give them valuable organizational advice.

The purpose of these personnalized sessions is respond to everyone’s

request by providing suitable solutions.

These sessions help better to prepare these eceptionnal day.


Launch offer : 70€/ per hour